My first time shooting fireworks.. i mean the proper one lah… snappy happy using PnS can’t be counted…

I stayed back after office to attend a friend’s farewell until 9.30pm. Little did I realised the traffic jam gonna be massive that time of the night. Saying goodbye was never easy, especially when you have a lot to talk about. This friend of mine is somewhat special, with his extraordinary ‘gift of seeing’.. hanging out with him can never leave you un-enticed in the end.

I drove home quickly for a change of outfit, solat n then grab my camera bag. Since this is my first time shooting in long shutter, I tested my camera’s capability in my own bedroom. Quite nice! (I mean the exposure, not the composition lah of course). And with haste, I rushed to my parents-in-law’s home in TTDI to gather with my wife n kids. Since I was late, wifey n kids went out with the rest of the family. I went alone, hoping to find the best spot in Jln Athinahappan area. Moments later… my wife called and she said ppl are already flooding the Penchala Link exit to Mutiara Damansara and the spot here quite nice. Owwkay!

Arrived there, parked the car by the roadside and camped! And these are the sweethearts I’ve got that night. Happy New Year 2009!














3 thoughts on “Fireworks 2009

    1. Thanks. They were taken at the Penchala Link highway near to the Mutiara Damansara/Damansara Perdana exit


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