Fireworks 2009

My first time shooting fireworks.. i mean the proper one lah… snappy happy using PnS can’t be counted…

I stayed back after office to attend a friend’s farewell until 9.30pm. Little did I realised the traffic jam gonna be massive that time of the night. Saying goodbye was never easy, especially when you have a lot to talk about. This friend of mine is somewhat special, with his extraordinary ‘gift of seeing’.. hanging out with him can never leave you un-enticed in the end.

I drove home quickly for a change of outfit, solat n then grab my camera bag. Since this is my first time shooting in long shutter, I tested my camera’s capability in my own bedroom. Quite nice! (I mean the exposure, not the composition lah of course). And with haste, I rushed to my parents-in-law’s home in TTDI to gather with my wife n kids. Since I was late, wifey n kids went out with the rest of the family. I went alone, hoping to find the best spot in Jln Athinahappan area. Moments later… my wife called and she said ppl are already flooding the Penchala Link exit to Mutiara Damansara and the spot here quite nice. Owwkay!

Arrived there, parked the car by the roadside and camped! And these are the sweethearts I’ve got that night. Happy New Year 2009!















Me & wifey’s family went to Bandung recently. I didn’t find Bandung quite the same the last time I went there last year. The streets were a lot busier than before. No surprise when a Bandung friend told me, 2008 is like the Malaysian Visit Bandung Year. He said, on average, two buses full of Malaysians visit Pasar Baru Shopping Mall everyday. For most of us today, including me, Bandung is regarded as the new shopping haven in this region… in my book, Bandung is waay much desirable to visit than Bali.

Prior to this visit, I’ve managed to get myself a new set of gear… a new system, to be exact. Thanks to my fantastic partner, Ezran and good friend, Danial for their support & recommendation (plus racun..hahaha)… all of these shots below were taken using D90+Tokina AT-X 124, a lense that was so rare in the second-hand market until I bought a brand new. They said it will be always like that. Whenever you want something, that thing will never be available. After you spent so much on a brand new, everyone starts selling the exact one that you want. Huhuhu… Nevertheless, D90 is one impressive camera, so does my ultra-wide lense too… So, here we go…


Iesya & the now-defunct exercise bike.. waiting was like forever
as the flight being rescheduled later in the afternoon


I used to watch Twilight Zone. Remember a scene where an evel-
kneivel monkey doing the oh-not-so-funny stunt on the plane’s wing?

Finally, Hussein Sastranegara here we land. Lucky few seconds
before the heavy rain starts falling.

On our way to Mount Tangkuban Prahu. Stopped for a while
buying some lunchpacks at KFC. Location unknown.

View of selling huts at the top of Mt. Tangkuban Prahu.
Man, the sellers were quite desperate & aggressive

While the others had their lunch break at the tea hut on the
roadside down the mountain, I’ve climbed the adjacent hill
side and in to the tea orchard.

That’s all for now. Happy holiday! take care…